Do you know what Semillas Fitó’s first varieties were?


To find out about the first varieties sold by Semillas Fitó, we have to go back to the end of the 19th century. In 1880, Ramon Fitó founded the company that is known today as Semillas Fitó and began its agricultural operations in Sant Martí de Provençals (in today’s district of Poblenou).

The farm was mainly involved in the production of vegetables (tomatoes, aubergines and peppers), but it was also used as a plant nursery to serve farmers. Over the years, the company would end up focusing exclusively on its plant nursery operations.

The selection and breeding of seeds carried out by Ramón Fitó produced varieties including the Tres Cantos tomato, the long black aubergine and the Reus pepper, all of them with a distinctive Mediterranean character with a flavour that was highly appreciated by the consumer.

Throughout its more than 140 years of breeding and research work, Semillas Fitó has continued to develop many successful varieties of tomato, aubergine and pepper, while slow phasing out the first varieties it launched on the market.

Although the company currently has a catalogue of more than 400 products across its four divisions, it has not forgotten its origins and the three varieties with which it started the business continue to exist at Semillas Fitó, albeit playing a more secondary role within the Hobby division catalogue.

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