New office in Murcia, Spain


We have opened an office in Murcia (Spain) and soon we will open two more offices in Morocco and Turkey.

The first Semillas Fitó office in San Javier (Murcia) was opened in March. This is the second most important fruit and vegetable production area in Spain after Almería.

The technical team in the area, made up of 8 people (salespeople, breeders, an assistant and a trial officer), can now use this office space and meeting rooms to work better as a team. The new office also allows us be closer to our customers in the area and offer them a point of reference to meet their needs more quickly.

An area of the building also houses three post-harvest chambers to test the shelf life of our fruit. Each of the chambers measures 4 m2 and the temperature, relative humidity and ventilation can be controlled to simulate the conditions which the fruit is subject to from the time it is collected until it is consumed: during packaging, transport and display in the store. These tests will allow us to better satisfy the needs of the market, guaranteeing the good conservation of our fruit.

More Fitó centers around the world:

We have also recently rented a 6.5 hectare farm to expand our breeding station in Antalya (Turkey), where the sales and breeding teams will work together; and we are finishing the renovation work of the first Semillas Fitó office in Morocco. The two new offices are expected to open this summer, sometime in July or August.

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